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Lists here are for courses running in 1st semester 2021 and Summer School 2020/2021.

If no textbooks are found for your paper, it's because we haven't been advised of any. Ask your lecturer if there is a book that would help with your course - we would be happy to order it for you!
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If you're looking for your Summer School textbook list, put 'SS.' in front of your course code, eg SS.BIOA101 will find the Summer School version of BIOA101.

For 2021 First Year Health Science Students you can look at your booklist here: 2021 Health Sciences Book List.


The Search window above will allow you to retrieve textbook lists:
  • A department name will display all the textbooks for that department.
  • A Paper Number (e.g. ENGL121) will display the textbooks for that course.
  • Two or more paper numbers will display the textbooks for all those courses, from any departments.
  • Wildcards may be used. (e.g. entering "GEOL2*" will display all level 200 Geology courses.)

Textbook Classifications

All textbooks are classified by your lecturers in descending order of importance as follows:
  • Essential Textbook(s) are those to which all students should have access, and preferably own.
  • Highly Recommended Textbook(s) are those considered to be of particular value and which students should consider buying.
  • Recommended Reading are books in which the majority of content is relevant, but not necessarily central to the course.
  • Supplementary Reference are books with some content relevant to the course.

Course Related Expense Claims

StudyLink Dunedin will accept textbook lists, generated from this website, as “sufficient evidence in support of applications for course related costs”. This special arrangement was set up in 2006.

To produce your book lists go to the Paper Number box at the top of this page and type the paper numbers of all your courses (ANAT111 etc) separated by spaces and click the “Find Lists” button. Once the results are displayed, use your print button to print out the lists. These may then be included as part of your claim.

This procedure is only accepted at Dunedin offices of StudyLink. Other offices may accept the lists but are under no obligation to do so.


The prices quoted are correct at the time the database was last updated but are subject to change without notice. They are priced inclusive of student discount and GST. Prices are for new books only.

We sometimes do have second hand textbooks – to check availability and price it is best if you come into the book shop.

Alternative Textbooks

Some courses list two or more textbooks which are alternatives, i.e. you need only one. For technical reasons we are unable to include that information here. If you have any doubts about needing all the books listed for your course, we suggest you check with your lecturer, or with us.

How to Order/buy your Textbooks

Ordering on-line

To order your textbooks on-line, use the textbook list search facility to identify the textbooks you need for your course. With your list of textbook titles go back to our main home page:

Place the title, author or ISBN of your textbook in the ‘go search’ box and proceed through our on-line ordering process.

Add the word ‘student’ in the shipping instructions box. Student discount is applied to virtually all textbooks.


Alternatively, you can email your order to us:

We will hold your order at the back counter of the shop for you to pay for and pick up. All textbook orders are held in this way, for one week only.

Visit Us

Coming into the shop and buying your textbooks is easy. We have two stores, one very close to campus, at 378 Great King Street, and the other one on campus in the OUSA Archway (closed November-January)

Returning Textbooks

If you have purchased a textbook then withdrawn from the course, you may be able to return the book to us for credit. We do not give cash refunds on returns.

Textbook returns are considered provided:

  • They are in new, unused, undamaged condition
  • You produce proof of purchase
  • You make your request by 31st March (for first semester) or by 31st July (for second semester).
Books which have been purchased months previously will not be accepted.

Books which have been purchased and found defective should be returned to us immediately for replacement.

General Textbook Information

The University Book Shop stocks prescribed and recommended textbooks for Otago University (including the Schools of Medicine and Dentistry, and the School of Nursing), Otago Polytechnic and the University of Otago College of Education. We aim to have the lowest prices possible and a 10% student discount applies virtually to all textbooks.

Textbooks remain central to a good education: helping you make the most of the educational process by clarifying difficult subjects and enhancing lectures. They are the foundation of your personal library and are an essential information source for essays and research projects.

At the beginning of the university year, undergraduate textbooks are sold directly from our bulk store on the upper floor. For the rest of the year textbooks are shelved in bays around the perimeter of the ground floor.

At the beginning and end of each academic year we produce a “Buy-Back list” of those second-hand textbooks for which we will pay cash.


Textbook lists are compiled from requirements submitted by lecturers. Every effort is made to ensure the accuracy of these lists, but lecturers may make decisions without informing us, resulting in books being removed or changed. Similarly, while the editions given are accurate at the date lists were compiled, publishers may produce new editions which become available and replace the editions originally specified. University Book Shop (Otago) Ltd can accept no liability for any confusion or inconvenience caused by such changes.